Life @ Skilled

The ultimate worth of a school is measured by the quality of life experienced by those who spent their student years in the school. We, at Skilled Globizens integrate the development of life skills with regular academics. We define “life skills” as qualities like courage, truthfulness and flexibility; skills that help people live with a sense of purpose and well-being.


We lead a more fulfilled life. We prepare our students to use life's diverse
challenges to discover ever-deeper levels of purpose, meaning, and happiness.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular are structured and balanced with the scholastic educational/ academic curriculum so that every student gets the opportunity to learn beyond studies.


Sports and activities are an integral part of the school day. Skilled Globizens School offers a wide range of choices and opportunities for both individual and group experiences, all designed to foster the development of lifelong skills and interests.

Social Responsibilities

At Skilled Globizens School, Responsibility begins with each person and then extends to working with individuals, groups, community, and the world.

It includes concern for the consequences of a person’s or institution’s acts as they affect interests of other people and the environment.