Health Regulation

1. Children must be fit if they are to derive the maximum benefit from education imparted in the school. Therefore the physical development and health of the students is of prime consideration.
2. There are the usual provisions for the temporary nursing of ordinary sickness and accidents. In an emergency the school authorities contact parents to take their wards for immediate medical aid. However, if contact is not made even after several efforts then the Principal reserves the right to use his own discretion to authorize surgical treatment and the administration of an anesthetic, if delay might prove injurious.
3. Parents are requested to arrange for child’s teeth to be examined regularly as bad teeth leads to bad breath which is harmful for those around.
4. Parents are also advised to have their ward’s eyes tested, if advised by the school doctors or suggested by the concerned class teacher.
5. Parents are also asked to inform the Principal at the beginning of each term if their children have been suffering from any infectious disease and of any medical or surgical treatment carried out during the holidays.