School Information

Skill-ed Globizens School based in Saharanpur(UP) is a senior secondary school with classes running from pre nursery to class 12th. It is a part of The Doon Global School group of institutions which also manages Skill-ed School, Dehradun & Saharanpur.

The basic human values taught in the school aim to impart sound practical knowledge of the syllabus of the Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E). After love, education is the greatest gift that you can give to your child. A good education prepares a child to be the best that she/he can be in life. 
Good teachers inspire him/her with a love of learning that endures long after specific facts are forgotten. To derive the greatest benefit from his education, a child must be seen by his school as a worthy future asset to the society, nation as well as whole humanity. 
He must be encouraged to develop an inquisitive mind, his teacher needs to be available when he has a query that must be addressed immediately. There have been major improvements and extensions in the field of education since old times.