We at Skill-ed Globizens School, have a state of art fully equipped science laboratory for efficiently teaching chemistry, physics and biology. Each lab also contains a modern interactive whiteboard with internet connectivity to enable the use of a wide range of resources to compliment the practical work.

These labs have a desk area for class teaching, and bench space for practical work. The bench areas have a full range of services fed from flexible overhead or floor-level service points. This arrangement allows great flexibility both in terms of room layout, and in use of time, with the transition between practical and theoretical activity able to be made very quickly.

Safety is paramount, that is why our labs adhere to all prescribed guidelines, ensuring that the labs are equipped with all necessary safety features. We have a dedicated preparation area and on-staff lab technician to offer teachers and students support with their practical work and with safety-related issues. quickly.

In Skill-ed Globizens School we are solving mathematical puzzles, conducting scientific experiments and acting out short drama sketches are just a few examples of how we are practicing cooperative learning into classroom lessons.